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$15 per document + travel fee

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Mobile Notarizations

Your documents notarized, on your terms

With institutional notary services at banks and retail stores, you're tied to their locations, their business hours, and their often lackluster customer service.

As a mobile notary, I'm focused on providing you personalized, empathetic attention, whether you just need a routine title transfer notarized or are in the midst of an emergency requiring a special power of attorney.

Your convenience is paramount; I'll travel to your home, place of work, or another location convenient to you, and I'm available from morning to evening, Monday through Sunday, and can also accommodate emergency appointments outside my normal hours.

Some examples of notarizations are:

  • Swearing an oath or affirmation (also known as a jurat) regarding the contents or signature of a document

  • Signing a document in front of a notary witness

  • Acknowledging the contents or signature of a document (either as an individual, on behalf of a corporation or partnership, or as an attorney-in-fact)

  • Certifying a copy of a document (please note that there are some restrictions regarding what documents can be copy certified in the state of Colorado)

Here are some examples of documents I can notarize for you:

  • Powers of attorney

  • Advanced medical directives

  • Income verifications

  • Custody and guardianship agreements

  • Court documents

  • Wills and trust deeds

  • Property deeds

  • Articles of incorporation

  • Employment contracts

  • Commercial leases

  • Memorandum of understanding

  • And more!

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