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$25 for 1st e-signature, $15 each additional e-signature

An icon of a video meeting for remote online notarizations

Remote Notarizations

Save time and money with an online notarization

Need a document notarized but don't want someone else in your house? Need your notarization done quickly? A remote online notarization might be the best option for you.

Remote online notarizations are conducted over the internet and in-person over audio-visual software (think Zoom but with identity verification and the ability to edit documents in real time). I use specialized software to verify your identity and sign and stamp your documents so that they are as properly and efficiently notarized as in-person physical notarizations.

You don't need to be technically savvy to enjoy the convenience of an online notarization, nor do you need a special computer - you can use any device that has a camera and a mic so that we can see and hear each other. I'll walk you through every step so there's no confusion and you can get back to your day (or night -- online notarizations can be done at any time!).

Some examples of notarizations that can be done remotely are:

  • Swearing an oath or affirmation (also known as a jurat) regarding the contents or signature of a document

  • Signing a document in front of a notary witness

  • Acknowledging the contents or signature of a document (either as an individual, on behalf of a corporation or partnership, or as an attorney-in-fact)

  • Copy certifications are typically not done remotely, since a notary must be able to physically examine an original document and its copy in order to certify that the copy is a true and accurate reproduction of the original.

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